• Colocating Tests and Production Code in PHP(Unit)

    Colocating tests and production code is the default in some programming languages and has become the de facto standard in others. I have to admit that while I liked it in Go and TypeScript, I always felt a little queasy about doing it in PHP. I couldn’t really name it; it was more a sense of “it doesn’t feel right”. continue reading
  • I wouldn't write a test for that

    Last week, I was helping a colleague who was working on a small application. One component was responsible for sending data to a configured recipient. I suggested writing a test to verify that an email was actually sent containing the relevant data in the body. This led to the following discussion: continue reading
  • Approaching 100% code coverage in a healthy way

    One question the always comes to my mind in the discussion about code coverage is: What does the percentage refer to, anyway? This is probably a stupid question. It seems to be common sense that it is the whole codebase. But does it really have to be? What is the value of code coverage, again? continue reading
  • About confidence, code, and tests

    Whether you’re reading a classic like “Test-driven Development by Example” by Kent Beck or a yet another article on medium. When it’s about testing, there’s always some talk about confidence. That made me think. Can you be confident about your code when you don’t have tests? The question seems ridiculous. continue reading