• Advent of Rust // Day 7

    I spent this morning trying to build a super generic directory tree structure using dynamic types and ended up being frustrated because I don’t get how ownership, lifetime, and all that jazz works in Rust. continue reading
  • Advent of Rust // Day 3

    I was surprised there’s no built-in way to find the intersection of multiple sets. I started to implement a function for this, but quickly discarded it in favor of a more specific one for the task at hand. After all, there’s exactly one character to find for each bunch of strings. continue reading
  • Advent of Rust // Day 2

    The second day was still easy on the puzzle side. I guess I went a little overboard with the implementation, but I wanted to play with the language. I had a lot of first ones today: First struct, first enum, first use of impl to add functionality, passing functions as arguments, and adding behavior with derivable traits. continue reading
  • Advent of Rust // Day 1

    Today is December 1st and thus the first day of Advent of Code. This year I decided to give Rust a try. As with my attempt with Haskell two years ago, I come unprepared with virtually zero knowledge about Rust. The only things I did beforehand were install the Rust compiler, the IntelliJ Rust plugin, and run the canonical “hello world” program. continue reading
  • Advent of Haskell, Part 2

    It’s already been more than two weeks since I started my little Advent of Code + Haskell adventure. So it’s time for a little update. Here’s what I got done. Day 2 Puzzle description Regular expressions are often my first choice when I have to parse something. Like in this case, to get the values easily out of strings like 6-8 b: bbbnvbbb. continue reading
  • Advent of Haskell, Part 1

    This year is the first time that I participate in the Advent of Code. What I learned right on the first day was that some people would finish the whole puzzle while I was still sipping on my morning coffee reading the assignment. I like challenges but I don’t know whether I can compete with what’s going on in the leaderboard. continue reading