• Advent of Rust // Day 11

    I love that each Advent of Code reminds me at one point that I never paid much attention in math class. Part one of day 11 was, as usual, straightforward. With the divider gone and the number of rounds up to 10.000 in part two, I knew I was fucked. continue reading
  • Advent of Rust // Day 7

    I spent this morning trying to build a super generic directory tree structure using dynamic types and ended up being frustrated because I don’t get how ownership, lifetime, and all that jazz works in Rust. continue reading
  • Advent of Rust // Day 3

    I was surprised there’s no built-in way to find the intersection of multiple sets. I started to implement a function for this, but quickly discarded it in favor of a more specific one for the task at hand. After all, there’s exactly one character to find for each bunch of strings. continue reading
  • Advent of Rust // Day 2

    The second day was still easy on the puzzle side. I guess I went a little overboard with the implementation, but I wanted to play with the language. I had a lot of first ones today: First struct, first enum, first use of impl to add functionality, passing functions as arguments, and adding behavior with derivable traits. continue reading
  • Advent of Rust // Day 1

    Today is December 1st and thus the first day of Advent of Code. This year I decided to give Rust a try. As with my attempt with Haskell two years ago, I come unprepared with virtually zero knowledge about Rust. The only things I did beforehand were install the Rust compiler, the IntelliJ Rust plugin, and run the canonical “hello world” program. continue reading
  • Advent of Haskell, Part 2

    It’s already been more than two weeks since I started my little Advent of Code + Haskell adventure. So it’s time for a little update. Here’s what I got done. Day 2 Puzzle description Regular expressions are often my first choice when I have to parse something. Like in this case, to get the values easily out of strings like 6-8 b: bbbnvbbb. continue reading
  • Advent of Haskell, Part 1

    This year is the first time that I participate in the Advent of Code. What I learned right on the first day was that some people would finish the whole puzzle while I was still sipping on my morning coffee reading the assignment. I like challenges but I don’t know whether I can compete with what’s going on in the leaderboard. continue reading