Hi, I’m Philip. I work as a professional code slinger, primarily building and maintaining web applications. My wife Anna and I live in the beautiful city of Hamburg with our dog Atze Tobi and our cat flatmates Joey, Tschilly, Spiky, Lucy, Elvis, and Doctor.

I’m very obsessed with all things testing and analysis. Or, in general, everything that ensures that software does what it’s supposed to do.

Besides coding, I’ve been making music since I was a kid. I played the recorder, guitar, and spent endless hours programming trackers before switching to sequencers. My fascination with sampling led me to once own six different hardware samplers at the same time. Since then, I got rid of almost everything, and I’m mostly an Ableton guy now. I always plan to release music, but I rarely do.

Although I’ve been on most social media sites at one point or another, I’ve dropped out of most of them. The only sites I’m remotely active on are the following: