Keyreative KAM Wraith

Even though I hoped people would come for my manifold and perceptive writing, one of the most visited pages on my little website is this picture in the pipstagram section. Someone even emailed me a while back asking where I got these keycaps.

So, for all y’all folks interested, those are the KAM Wraith keycaps. I discovered them on when I was looking for something fancy for my then-new Filco Ninja Majestouch-2 TKL. I was right on time for the group buy and bought the base kit, space kit, and a matching deskmat from candykeys. You can see all the glory in this picture.

Since it was a group buy, they’re hard to find. Candykeys still has the base kit in stock, and if I got it right you can get all kits from zfrontier.


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