Lost Tracks

I often joke that I’ve lost more tracks than other people have produced in their lives. Regardless of whether that’s true or not, I certainly have the problem that I’m never satisfied with what I have. There’s always something to be improved, re-recorded, or worked on. Often it’s just not “right” yet. Whatever that means. It’s probably the same problem many creatives have.

For quite some time, I exclusively produced music on hardware gear. Because I rarely finished tracks, there was often just the “work in progress” version that lived in the sequencer. I usually only recorded tracks when I wanted to show them to someone. Since I sold all my gear in 2018 when I switched to Ableton, all the work in progress was lost.

Today, I went through an old hard disk and stumbled across a folder with old tracks going back to 2002. Rough drafts, fully arranged tracks, utter crap, decent ones. There was a little bit of everything in there. But there’s one thing they all share: They’ll never be finished. Those recordings are the only artifacts that are left. If I don’t release them now, they’ll die on the hard drive. So, here’s a SoundCloud playlist. Don’t worry - it’s only the halfway decent stuff. I left the utter crap on the disk to die.